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Beat Cancer a Centre for Advancement of Cancer Education provides education for professionals as well as providing direct and online services to cancer patients seeking nutrition alternatives or enhancements to their treatment therapies.

The mission of the Centre for Advancement in Cancer Education is to help people by providing research-based education on how to prevent, cope with, and beat cancer through diet, lifestyle and other immune-boosting approaches. Our programs for diagnosed patients focus on the patient not the tumour!

Dr Susan Silberstein founded the Centre for Advancement in Cancer Education in October of 1977, after the death of her young husband to cancer.
For 35 years, she served as the organization’s Executive Director before assuming her current position as Educational Director.
An international speaker on nutrition, cancer prevention, and complementary and alternative medicine, Susan lectures frequently for medical and nursing schools, continuing oncology nursing education programs, universities, corporations, and other organizations. She is also the creator of the online Holistic Cancer Certification Course.
Since 1977, she has coordinated scores of health conferences, given hundreds of broadcast, print and web interviews, provided continuing education to thousands of healthcare professionals, counselled more than 25,000 cancer patients, and trained nearly 60,000 prevention-seekers.

In 2020, Anita Gibson who herself and her daughter are both cancer survivors, an author, holistic cancer coach, naturopath and hypnotherapist set up BeatCancer – Coach.

By making it available, accessible and affordable to others, the mission statement of BeatCancer – Coach is to create awareness, provide information and offer options so much needed, and yet so scarce, to helping those who most need it, to navigate through the minefield that cancer can be. 

The goals of BeatCancer – Coach are simple.

As a coaching service for the vast population of individuals dealing with the negative impacts of cancer, we continue to work to make patients more successful than they might otherwise be without our help.

The Centre for Advancement in Cancer Education at BeatCancer.org and BeatCancer – Coach.org, believes that by empowering individuals with cancer to take charge of their health and wellness, many will be able to lead more productive lives and avoid much of the emotional, physical, and financial trauma often experienced by cancer patients and their families.

Ultimately, the implementation of our mission, goals, objectives, and methodology could dramatically improve the prospects of the individuals we reach and the communities in which they live.

Beat Cancer coaches have been trained by experts in the field of cancer with experience of providing individualized guidance for nearly 30,000 patients over 30 years.

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