Science Based & Patient Driven Coaching and Support for People with Cancer

One-on-one individualized Cancer Coaching is at the heart of what we do!

The unique coaching, advocacy and referral service provides individualized online-based guidance to patients and caregivers worldwide to help enhance nutritional, psychological and immune status, prevent recurrence, reduce suffering, minimize treatment side effects, improve quality of life, and increase the odds for long-term survival. We achieve this through education, coaching, counselling, hypnotherapy, meditation, wealth of tools and resources, referrals, and support. The programs we design are science –based, aimed for diagnosed patients with focus on building up the patient rather than destroying the tumour. 

Cancer patients often look for holistic, integrative, complementary and alternative approaches to improve quality of life and disease outcome. In fact, approximately 83 per cent of persons with cancer use at least one complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modality. However, most patients, confused or overwhelmed by the nearly 13 million resources for alternative cancer therapy available on the internet, turn for support to cancer coaches or consultants to help them navigate their choices. The typical charge for such services at private integrative, naturopathic or alternative clinics comes with a hefty price tag, unattainable for many patients. We at BeatCancer – Coach offer valuable guidance available to most patients.

So what is Naturopathic Oncology?

Simply put, naturopathic oncology refers to the application of the art and science of naturopathic medicine to the field of cancer care and treatment. It doesn't fight against established conventional cancer treatments and protocols, it supports them.
How do we do it?

We schedule online appointments to help clients explore holistic, complementary, integrative and alternative treatment options. Furthermore, we help to filter the complexity of informational resources for our clients, creating simple, easy to follow guides for recovery and prevention of recurrence. We work to provide the highest quality and most targeted information to each individual.

What can you expect to get from your BeatCancer – Coach individualized program:

  1. Advantages of nutrition in cancer treatment program, diet plan / referral
  2. Primary Strategies in Naturopathic Oncology
  3. Types of nutritional supplements that work in synergy and best support  client’s specific condition and treatment
  4. ‘How to Starve Cancer – Metro Map – blocking metabolic pathways using repurposed drugs (outside basic program, additional time required)
  5. Crucial importance of detoxification – key and proven detoxification methods, home based and referral
  6. Minimizing treatment side effects for chemo and radio
  7. Cancer stem-cell strategy
  8. Natural ways to deal with pain
  9. Preparation for surgery
  10. Mitochondrial Rescue
  11. Questions to ask your oncologist / understanding cancer diagnosis and prognosis
  12. Mind – body strategies, including stress and anxiety management, accepting diagnosis but not prognosis, identifying root cause of cancer through hypnotherapy, tapping (additional 1:1 time required)
  13. Physical exercises, yoga, walking qigong
  14. Spiritual and emotional guidance (additional time required)
  15. Advocacy (additional time required)
  16. Remaining in remission / rehabilitation and rebuilding of immune system
  17. List of German Clinics for immune-biological clinics treating specific cancers
  18. Additional resources, text books, links, papers

To arrange for a consultation please drop us a line in the contact box and one of our coaches will contact you within 48 hours.

Initial consultation lasts approx. 2 hours.